Ollitecture Wall Panels - Prints

Olli architectural wall panels by Ollitecture are made from upcycled cut-offs of Rayne Longboards products. The wall panels are made from sustainably harvested and rapidly renewable bamboo veneers which are covered with custom prints with cool names such as Fish Pimp, Hellcat and Vice City. The backing is an easy to install DIY ‘peel and stick’ material that allows the wall covering to be quickly installed to virtually any interior wall surface.

+ Check out the inspiring story behind Ollitecture in an article featured in BCBusiness.ca here.

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The recycled skateboard tiles are available in seven cool prints and in four different size tiles (6″x6″, 3″x6″, 3″x3″ and 1.5″x6″). The Eco Floor Store is proud to be the exclusive BC dealer of olli wall panels.

For more info, visit Ollitecture.com.