Hourwall Surfaces


Lightweight and easy to install, urbanCONCRETE, classicBRICK and barnWOOD by Hourwall wall panels are cast from real concrete, bricks and wood then hand painted and hand crafted to give them a very real look. Once installed, you’ll forget they aren’t real!


urbanCONCRETE wall panels are 48″ wide x 24″ high and available in 1 colour:



classicBRICK wall panels are 48″ wide x 24″ high and available in 5 colours:

classicbrick-hourwall cellarclose-classicbrick-hourwall italyclose-classicbrick-hourwall reclaimedclose-classicbrick-hourwall whiteclose-classicbrick-hourwall


barnWOOD wall panels are 48″ wide x 6″ high and available in 5 styles:

barnwood-hourwall barnredtexture-barnwood-hourwall weatheredgreytexture-barnwood-hourwall whitewashtexture-barnwood-hourwall wornleathertexture-barnwood-hourwall