Banana Bark Tiles


Banana Tree Bark Wall Tiles

Banana tree bark wall tiles are made from the bark of banana trees in the Philippines. Similar to our eco-friendly banana skin wall tiles, our banana tree bark wall tiles are approximately 12″ x 24″, 3 mm or 9 mm thick and available in four earth tone colours (charcoal, cocoa, raw umber and white wash). The banana tree bark is mounted on an eco-friendly backing made from a mixture of cement, sand and recycled wood fibers.

Get creative and combine thicknesses or colours together to create a unique 3D feature wall for your favourite interior space. Contact us or visit our showroom to view samples.

Banana Tree Bark Wall Tiles Cocoa - Banana Tree Bark Wall Tiles - The Eco Floor Store - Surrey, BC

Banana Tree Bark Wall Tiles Banana Tree Bark Wall Tiles