Surface Solutions


Wall, Ceiling and Furniture Coverings

The Eco Floor Store is proud to offer homeowners, interior designers and builders a wide range of surface solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Find an eco-friendly wall treatment that will transform your space or furniture from average to spectacular!

Stikwood Peel + Stick Wood 

Stikwood Peel + Stick Wood Planking is made from 100% reclaimed wood from old snow fences. + Learn more

Ollitecture Wall Panels

Ollitecture architectural wall panels are made from upcycled bamboo off-cuts of Rayne Longboards products. Locally manufactured in Vancouver, this wall covering is perfect for spaces with attitude. + Learn more

FriendlyWall Solid Wood Panels

One of our most popular wall surfaces, FriendlyWall is made in Canada from FSC-certified solid wood. + Learn more

Flexible Stone Veneers

Nano Slate and Sandstone Wallpaper are flexible natural slate and sandstone veneers that can be used on range of surfaces from furniture, curved walls, fireplace surrounds to backsplashes. + Learn more

Water Lillie Tiles and Wallpaper

We have tiles and wallpaper made from sustainably harvested water lilies.  + Learn more

Capiz Shell Wallpaper

Capiz shell wallpaper is a semi-flexible surface material made from natural Capiz shells. It has a natural pearl-like texture and can be used on accent walls and cabinetry. + Learn more

Cork Walls

Cork walls are ideal for wineries, executive spaces, restaurants or private residences looking to add flare to a boring wall. We got a huge selection of different cork surfaces – from outer burl cork, inner burl cork, digitally printed cork and more! + Learn more

Composite Surfaces by Hourwall

urbanCONCRETE, classicBRICK and barnWOOD by Hourwall wall panels are cast from real concrete, bricks and wood then hand painted and hand crafted to give them a very real look. + Learn more

Reclaimed Barn Wood Tiles

Install reclaimed wood tiles on walls, ceilings or cabinetry – or simply as decorative art! Made from reclaimed barn wood, each tile is handcrafted making every space unique. + Learn more

Salvaged Fishing Boat Wood Tiles

Eco-friendly wood tiles made from retired fishing boats. Made from a mix of reclaimed exotic wood species, these unique wall tiles are idea for wall coverings, ceiling treatments or cabinetry. + Learn more

Whiskey Barrel Wall Tiles

These smokey wall tiles are made in the USA from recycled whiskey barrels. + Learn more

Banana Bark and Banana Skin Wall Tiles

Looking for something really unique? These textured wall tiles are full of colour. + Learn more

Eco Friendly Countertops

The Eco Floor Store features two eco friendly countertop solutions: concrete countertops and eco crush countertops. + Learn more