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Phthalate Free Vinyl Floors

Posted on March 2, 2016 by Jared

Harbinger™ is a BC-based company that manufactures high-quality and eco-friendly vinyl floors. They’ve recently launched a number of different collections that includes a range of different thicknesses, lengths, colours and textures. Samples for all of the products are available at our showroom.

Harbinger Vinyl Flooring - Surrey, BC

In addition to the beautiful range of classic and modern colours, we love Harbinger’s commitment to manufacturing eco-friendly flooring. None of their products contain harmful phthalates; their floors are made of up 60% recycled post and pre-consumer materials; and 100% of their raw materials are sourced within 200 km of their manufacturing facilities. As a result, all of their products can contribute to LEED® certification.

Harbinger Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for residential and commercial projects. It’s antimicrobial, highly durable and easy to maintain. Whether you’re looking for a safe flooring material for your home or a flooring material for a high-traffic area, we recommend considering Harbinger vinyl floors for your next project.

Harbinger Craftsman Trestlewood Saddle 7.36" x 48.3"

Harbinger Craftsman Trestlewood Saddle 7.36″ x 48.3″

Eco-Friendly Floors by Metropolitan Hardwood Floors

Posted on November 5, 2014 by Jared

Earlier this month, we had the exciting opportunity to go to China with our generous host Metropolitan Hardwood Floors. It was an incredible experience where we visited four cities, rode on a bullet train, walked on the Great Wall of China, immersed ourselves in local culture and toured two Metropolitan manufacturing facilities.

While we always do our research prior to selecting eco-friendly surfaces for The Eco Floor Store, we don’t always have the opportunity to see first-hand how the products are made. So when Metropolitan asked us if we’d be interested in touring their manufacturing facilities, we jumped at the chance.

Here are some of the key takeaways from our tour of the Metropolitan manufacturing facilities:

Sustainability Assurance

Metropolitan Hardwood Floors has an Environmental Compliance Officer that oversees the material sourcing and product manufacturing to guarantee all of their flooring brands, including Kentwood and Evoke, are responsibly sourced and sustainably manufactured.

Quality Manufacturing

The two modern manufacturing facilities we visited were very focused on quality control. Each individual plank is manually inspected by over 50 people at various points throughout the manufacturing process. The manufacturing facilities also hire independent hardwood floor inspectors to oversee and inspect the floors. It was great to see in action the quality assurance Metropolitan is known for.



CARB Compliance

All Metropolitan Hardwood Floors are California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant, which means they are low emitting and safe for your home. We can’t stress enough the importance of low VOC materials. The floors in your home takes up lots of square footage; it’s important the floors you select don’t off-gas any toxic chemicals.


We appreciated being able to see the manufacturing facilities. It confirmed our knowledge that Metropolitan is truly committed to sustainability and quality.

A huge thanks to Metropolitan and our Chinese guides for a trip of a lifetime!

To learn more about Metropolitan, click here.

Supplier Profile: Vintage Hardwood Flooring

Posted on December 6, 2012 by Jared

Vintage Hardwood Flooring is one of our newest eco-friendly suppliers. Located in Toronto, Vintage manufactures beautiful hardwood and engineered hardwood floors using domestic and exotic wood species.

Before we make the decision to bring products to The Eco Floor Store family, we take the time to ask tough questions to make sure the products are environmentally friendly. Here’s a few reasons why Vintage fit the bill:

– Their stains are waterborne and contain no formaldehyde

– Their sealers and topcoats are 99% VOC free and contain no active volatile solvents

– Their pigments and dyes contain no heavy metals

– 70% of domestic woods used come within a 200 mile radius of their manufacturing facility and 90% come from a 500 mile radius

– They are an FSC Certified manufacturer and use FSC Certified wood for many of their products

– They have a great recycling program that recycles by-products and water

– Many of their products qualify for LEED credits

Vintage Hardwood FlooringWe’re excited to have Vintage be one of our green surface solution. The beautiful Solid Sawn Collection is extra special because 50% of the wood used is recovered from wasted wood that would usually go to a landfill. Select from Muiracatiara Tigerwood, Jatoba, White Oak and Black Walnut in a variety of colours.

Vintage Hardwood Flooring is also one of Mike Holmes’ suppliers on HGTV’s Make it Right show. Click here to watch the episodes that feature Vintage.

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