Branded Moss Feature Wall in Calgary

Posted on December 10, 2016 by Jared

In a house, a feature wall is often the design element that transforms a house into a home. In retail spaces, a feature wall has the same impact: it brings the overall design together into a memorable space for employees and customers. It can also be used as a branding element to help reinforce and communicate the brand’s message.

Designed by Sticks & Stones Design Group, Revolution Medical Clinic in Calgary, Alberta has a beautiful curved feature wall that is a both a design focal and branding element. For the wall, we supplied our natural moss. Using two colours of moss, a dark green as the background and light green as the accent, we incorporated the leaf from their logo on the wall. It looks amazing!


rclinic2016-3_2_orig revolution-medical-3

Moss Walls are made from real reindeer moss that has been naturally preserved and safely coloured. The moss requires no watering, no light and no trimming. And because it’s available in 13 colours, design options are endless!

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